Items+ 1.31

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Fixed bug with platform dino structures being destroyed when taking any amount of damage.
Added new setting "ModifyQualityItemsOnly" - Setting this to true will not modify any primitive BP or Engram. Setting this to false will allow Primitive BP or Engrams to be modified based on your other options that add crafting limits, armor increases, durability increases, weapon damage increases. To be clear Primitive BP or Engrams includes player learned engrams from leveling up so "ModifyQualityItemsOnly":false will change player learned primitive engrams crafted in player inventory or in work benches and setting "ModifyQualityItemsOnly":true will leave these engrams as vanilla values.

Item Stat calculations will only be performed on items matching Weapons and Armor (i.e. equipment). This prevents any changes to items that produce Mek, Enforcers, Hover Skiffs etc as these are considered dinos/tames.

BPUses (all forms of the setting) only apply to Weapons and Armor (i.e. equipment) and follow the rules enforced by "ModifyQualityItemsOnly".

IgnoreItems list will be cleared in the default config as nothing in the list is affected any longer with the above changes. Feel free to put anything in there you wish to make sure never gets touched however.

Mindwipes can be used to force update player engrams since they will have to relearn them. "ItemsPlus.FixInventory" command will fix all engrams in crafting benches/structures to match your current settings.
Added new Console command "ItemsPlus.FixInventory" - This command will update all structure inventories on the map based on the current settings of Items+ If you add an item to the IgnoreItem list and then run this command the structures that get that default engram will be replaced with a new un-modded version for example. I do not recommend using this command on a timer as I believe it will create some lag when used. Please test this command on a test server first so you understand exactly what happens. In my tests player blueprints, resources etc will not be removed/deleted when this command is run.

Fixed issues affecting other non-crafted items that are using Custom Descriptions. i.e. DinoStorage2 Soul Traps, Fertilized Eggs etc. Those descriptions should stay in place now even if not on the IgnoreItems list. Custom Recipe's since they are technically a blueprint must still remain on the IgnoreItems list to keep the plugin from modifying them.
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Fix for crafting stations having limited use BPs caused by the General BPUses option.
Added new config section. Any blueprint added to this section will ignore any changes by this plugin.
Fixes broken armor not being removed from the player.

"LogItemPaths":true - New config setting that will output blueprint paths of any item added to an inventory local/remote to the ArkApi log file in the Win64\logs folder. Placing a crafting bench that contains craftable item BP will output everything contained in the crafting bench. This is to assist with getting proper blueprint paths. This setting should be added to the general section of the config. I do not recommend using this on a non-test server longer than you need to use it.
This appears to fix the crashing issues some people were experiencing with either mod or other plugin compatibility.
Bug fix for infinite armor durability introduced in 1.2
  • Re-enabled item upload blocking. Upload blocking will now prevent player transfers with restricted items as well.
    • "Transfer":"disallow"
    • "Transfer":"allow"
    • Player transfer blocking bugs the UI Transfer screen. The default messaging added explains to "Change the sort by option (top right corner) to re-enable the cancel button." This will force the client UI to update making the cancel button clickable again. I have not found a work around so this is just how it has to be for now. This is similar limitation I have when blocking item uploads which require the upload to timeout before the player can interact again. When I can find a better way to accomplish this I will update the feature.
  • Armor and Weapon Durability options to reduce the speed at which durability is removed.
    • "WeaponDurabilityLossReducedByPercent":95
    • "ArmorDurabilityLossReducedByPercent":95
  • Armor, Weapon Damage, Durability can be customized as increase multipliers for Armor, Weapons or Saddles if they use that particular stat.
    • "IncreaseMaxDurabilityByPercent":50
    • "IncreaseWeaponDamageByPercent":50
    • "IncreaseArmorByPercent":50
  • Armor, Weapon Damage, Durability can be capped globally or by item
    • "WeaponDamageCap":200
    • "DurabilityCap":200
    • "ArmorCap":1200
This release temporarily removes the Item Upload blocking code because I need to rework it. I suggest everyone downloads this version.