Extended RCON

Extended RCON 2.7

No permission to download
works and do easy control server with rcon or discord crosschat
Would love to use this plug-in but not sure if it was updated to work with 3.1. Seems to be having an issue loading for it does not show up in api log. Please advise.
I really like this plugin, but sending messages does not support Chinese, which makes me very upset, and the final result is "???"
I FUCKING LOVE THIS!! OMG i'm working full-time and this Mod is saving my Server!
I leave you a little more stars, because it really is worth this plugin, I can use the buycraft store with the ARK server, all via RCON, really thanks
Use it every time..
This is the plugin that makes all the magic happen! As a very busy person IRL, I constantly rely on RCON as my means to monitor and admin my server. This has made it possible when the base level commands the devs gave us do not. This is a MUST download. Never had an issue once. A++
Neat way to tie together the power of RCON with the power of in game Admin interactions
extend Rcon

AddPoints <SteamID> <Amount> - Adds points to the player.
SetPoints <SteamID> <Amount> - Changes player's points amount.
GetPlayerPoints <SteamID> - Prints how many points player has.
ChangePoints <SteamID> <Amount> - Adds or decreases points amount. This command will add points to the current amount. Entered amount number can be negative.
ChangeKitAmount <SteamID> <KitName> <Amount> - Adds or decreases player's kits amount. This command will add kits to the current amount. Entered amount number can be negative.
ArkShop.Reload - Reloads a config file.
ResetPoints - Resets points for all players.
ResetKits - Resets kits for all players.

Very good i love you
ArkShop already adds most of those commands to Rcon
Very good
Has been extremely beneficial to admins being able to remotely handle more services and issues for players.
Excellent really good example on how to extend Rcon