Extended RCON

Extended RCON 3.0

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Added RCON commands:
  • AddDinoExperience <DinoID1> <DinoID2> <Amount> - Adds the specified number of experience points to the dino.
  • AddExperience <SteamID> <HowMuch> <FromTribeShare> <PreventSharingWithTribe> - Adds the specified number of experience points to the player.
  • AddHexagon <SteamID> <HowMuch> - Adds the specified number of hexagon points to the player.
  • ClientChat <'Message'> <Name> - Sends a client chat message to everyone. Example: "clientchat 'Hello' admin".
  • DinoColor <DinoID1> <DinoID2> <Region> <Color> - Changes dino color.
  • FeedDinos <TeamId> - Feeds all dinos of the entered team id.
  • GetDinoPos <DinoID1> <DinoID2> - Prints dino coordinates.
  • GetPlayerName <SteamID> - Prints player character name
  • GetPlayerPos <SteamID> - Prints player coordinates.
  • GetTribeIdOfPlayer <SteamID> - Prints Tribe ID of player's Steam ID.
  • GetTribeLog <TribeID> - Prints tribe log.
  • GetTribeName <SteamID> - Prints player tribe name
  • GiveItem <SteamID> <BlueprintPath> <Quantity> <Quality> <ForceBlueprint> - Same as GiveItemNum but uses blueprint instead of item id. Double quotes are not needed. Example: giveitem 123456789 blueprint'/game/primalearth/coreblueprints/items/armor/leather/primalitemarmor_hidegloves.primalitemarmor_hidegloves' 1 1 0
  • GiveItemNum <SteamID> <ItemID> <Quantity> <Quality> <ForceBlueprint> - Gives item to player.
  • GiveItemToAll <BlueprintPath> <Quantity> <Quality> <ForceBlueprint> - Same as Giveitem but gives items to all online players.
  • KillDino <DinoID1> <DinoID2> - Kills a dino.
  • KillPlayer <SteamID> - Kills player.
  • ListAllPlayerPos - Prints all player coordinates in the following format: <Playername> - <Tribename>, <X> <Y> <Z>
  • ListPlayerDinos <SteamID> - Prints player dinos in the following format: <DinoName> - <Level>, ID1=<ID1>, ID2=<ID2>
  • ScriptCommand <SteamID> <Command> - Executes script command.
  • SetDinoPos <DinoID1> <DinoID2> <X> <Y> <Z> - Teleport dino to the specified coordinates.
  • SetImprintQuality <DinoID1> <DinoID2> <Quality> - Set the specified imprint quality to the dino. 1 = 100%, 0.5 = 50% and so on.
  • SetImprintToPlayer <DinoID1> <DinoID2> <SteamID> - Changes the imprint owner on the dino.
  • SetPlayerPos <SteamID> <X> <Y> <Z> - Teleports player to the specified coordinates.
  • SpawnDino <SteamID> <BlueprintPath> <DinoLevel> <ForceTame> <X> <Y> <Z> - Spawns a dino on the specified coordinates. If x, y, z are null, dino will be spawned near player.
  • TeleportAllPlayers <X> <Y> <Z> - Teleports all online players to the specified coordinates.
  • TeleportToPlayer <SteamID1> <SteamID2> - Teleports player 1 to player 2.
  • TribeChatMsg <Type> <TribeID> <Text> - Sends a msg to specified tribe online members. Type: 1 = Chat, 2 = Broadcast, 3 = Notification, 4 = 1+2.
  • TribeLogMsg <TribeID> <Text> - Sends a msg to specified tribe tribelog
  • UnlockEngram <SteamID> <BlueprintPath> - Unlocks engram for the specified player.
  1. Install ARK: Server API
  2. Copy "ExtendedRcon" folder to "ArkApi/Plugins"
All Creds to Michidu who created the plugin initially.
Source code: https://github.com/Michidu/Ark-Server-Plugins
First release
Last update
4.92 star(s) 13 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 3.0

    Fixed AddHexagon (It should now only give to the specified player!) Added TribeChatMsg Added...
  2. 2.9

    Updated for API v3.4 (Will still work with API v3.2!) Added GetPlayerName Added GetTribeName...
  3. 2.8

    Fixed DinoColor command crash Added SetImprintQuality command Added SetImprintToPlayer command...

Latest reviews

I learn how can I give spawned dino

1) This spawn near to me Tamed Argentavis 208 Male
SpawnDino 76561198008311789 Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Argentavis/Argent_Character_BP.Argent_Character_BP' 208 1 0 0 0

2) This spawn near to me Tamed Argentavis 213 Female
SpawnDino 76561198008311789 Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Argentavis/Argent_Character_BP.Argent_Character_BP' 213 2 0 0 0

3) This spawn near to me Wild Bulbdog Female
SpawnDino 76561198008311789 Blueprint'/Game/Aberration/Dinos/LanternPug/LanternPug_Character_BP.LanternPug_Character_BP' 195 0 0 0 0

So I understand odd <level> with pair <tame> i.e.: 213 2, give Female dino;
and pair <level> with odd <tame> ie: 208 1, give Male dino;
finaly odd <level> for female and pair <level> for male for use when spawn wild dinos <o> on <tame> option.
works and do easy control server with rcon or discord crosschat
Would love to use this plug-in but not sure if it was updated to work with 3.1. Seems to be having an issue loading for it does not show up in api log. Please advise.
I really like this plugin, but sending messages does not support Chinese, which makes me very upset, and the final result is "???"
I FUCKING LOVE THIS!! OMG i'm working full-time and this Mod is saving my Server!
I leave you a little more stars, because it really is worth this plugin, I can use the buycraft store with the ARK server, all via RCON, really thanks
Use it every time..
This is the plugin that makes all the magic happen! As a very busy person IRL, I constantly rely on RCON as my means to monitor and admin my server. This has made it possible when the base level commands the devs gave us do not. This is a MUST download. Never had an issue once. A++
Neat way to tie together the power of RCON with the power of in game Admin interactions