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Engram Unlocker 1.1

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Engram Unlocker (Updated) - Fixes below
- While leveling a dino that you're riding, it no longer unlocks engrams on your player character

- Now respects S+ tek requirements in some cases where it was not properly applying. If any engram has a prereq that requires a boss fight to be beaten, that engram will not auto unlock if "AutoLearnTek" is set to false

- Added option "NotifyPlayerHUD" to config file. If set to false, it will not popup the text on a players screen when they unlock engrams

Note: If you receive an error that the plugin failed to load, please update your vc redist to the latest version (you can download the latest version here

Settings Help:

NotifyPlayerHUD: This will let you decide whether or not you want the text to appear on players screens when they unlock engrams.