Engram Unlocker 1.1

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Engram Unlocker
Automatically unlock all engrams with little to no setup required. The engrams used on the server are automatically read by the plugin, so you do not need to specify them in the config file. Just extract the ZIP file in your Plugins directory.

The following options are available to change in the config.json file:

"UseChatCommand": true,
"ChatCommand_IgnoreLevelRequirements": false,
"AutoLearnEngramsOnLevelUp": true,

Note: If you receive an error that the plugin failed to load, please update your vc redist to the latest version (you can download the latest version here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads)

> Update 1.1 - Fixes below <
- While leveling a dino that you're riding, it no longer unlocks engrams on your player character

- Now respects S+ tek requirements in some cases where it was not properly applying. If any engram has a prereq that requires a boss fight to be beaten, that engram will not auto unlock if "AutoLearnTek" is set to false

- Added option "NotifyPlayerHUD" to config file. If set to false, it will not popup the text on a players screen when they unlock engrams

Settings Help:
UseChatCommand: This registers the chat command /unlockengrams in game, allowing everyone to execute that whenever they desire

ChatCommand_IgnoreLevelRequirements: By setting this to true, it will automatically unlock ALL engrams, ignoring all level requirements when the /unlockengrams chat command is executed.

AutoLearnEngramsOnLevelUp: If this is set to true, players will automatically learn all available engrams upon leveling up their character.

AutoLearnTek: This will let you decide whether or not engrams categorized as TEK will be unlocked automatically.

NotifyPlayerHUD: This will let you decide whether or not you want the text to appear on players screens when they unlock engrams.


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  1. Update 1.1

    Engram Unlocker (Updated) - Fixes below - While leveling a dino that you're riding, it no longer...

Latest reviews

I wanted to like this plugin but even with certain things set to false in the config file it doesn't listen to them. I have a few people on my server now with heavies unlocked at level 50 so that's cool.

"ChatCommand_IgnoreLevelRequirements": false,

and it is still giving them all engrams. As well if you level up while mounted the player does not get the engrams and has to wait until the next level to do it.
Works great on single servers but let you crash when you transfer to a other server in the case when to many engrams are unlocked. 5 Stars when this is fixed.
Still got the problem with the dino lvl unlock all the engrams did you update the link in de downlaod page ?
S+ tek engrams unlocked. Doesn't work properly
Hey SaiyajinGod, I'm looking into this - will post an update soon!
work like a charm, only 1 sec of lag.