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Dino Tracker 1.5

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Dino Tracker

Player Commands

/track <DinoName> - Will return the map long and latitude of where the dino is. <DinoName> is a dino name or dino tag.

Admin Commands

/atrack <TeamID> <DinoName> - Will return the map long and latitude of where a players dino is.
/teamid <PlayerName> - Will return the team id of a current player this is needed for /atrack

Note: DinoName can be a dino tag too like 'Pteranodon' or 'Carno' or 'Trike' without the '

    "PlayersCanTrack":true, - Disable / Enable player track command
    "MinDistance":5000.0 - Is the default minimum distance
Any donation is much appreciated and very helpful towards the upkeep/creation of the plugins i provide, Plugins take time to create some hours some days and I keep 99% of them open source for others to learn from.

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Latest updates

  1. Dino Tracker Update 1.5

    Updated to work with Ark Server API 2.5
  2. Support For Automatic Plugin Update Checker

    Support For Automatic Plugin Update Checker
  3. Version 1.3

    disabled distance check by default (-1) added /teamid <PlayerName>

Latest reviews

Blummin excellent.

The issue with the Center can be sorted with a little maths.. worked out by one of the members of my server:

Lat (Tracker - 13.7) * 0.834586
Lon ( Tracker + 16 ) * 0.83388
Don´t work good on The Center, for other maps are a good plugin!
Does what we needed it to on my cluster. I love that fact that I didn't have to add another mod. Additionally, you can swap the Lon / Lat positions, which is what my player base is accustomed to seeing (Lat / Lon). The most difficult part is remembering the name of your dino. :P
Super plugin! Unfortunately it does not work properly on some maps (The Center & Mod Map Olympus show wrong coordinates). But for other maps a great plugin!
awesome plugin! now when people say "admin help me find my dino" i tell them to use the command :D! added it to our cluster
Works Great.