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Dino Limit 1.2

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@Foppa & @Lethal Proudly presents Dino Limit.
It limits dinos per tribe/player in the whole map!

  • Global Dino Limit
  • Specific Dino Limit of any dino (Blueprint based!)
  • Limits dino downloads/uploads between cluster
  • Tribe Merge Prevention
  • Tribe Invite Prevention
Upcoming Features:
  • TBD
  • Dino Tame
  • Upload/Download
  • Unclaim/Claim
  • Cryo/Uncryo (Including Soultrap/SoulGun)
  • Cloning
  • Bought dinos (Example by ARKShop)
  • Rafts/Consumables/Tokens (Example by Primal Fear/Ark Eternal, GAIA)
Chat Commands:
  • /DinoLimits (Custom option)
Console Commands:
  • dinolimit.reload - Reload config
  • UpdateDinos - Force dino count update (if needed).
  • GetDinoBp - Prints to chat and server log target dino asset name.
RCON Commands:
  • dinolimit.reload - Reload config
Config Example:
    "General": {
        "MaxAmount": 6000, // Global max amount of dinos per tribe or player
        "NotificationDisplayTime": 4, // Display time for messages
        "NotificationScale": 1.3 // Display scale/size for messages
    "Dinos": {
        "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Sauropod/Sauropod_Character_BP.Sauropod_Character_BP'": {
            "Name": "Bronto",
            "Count": 5 //Max amount for specific blueprint
        "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Dodo/Dodo_Character_BP.Dodo_Character_BP'": {
            "Name": "Dodo",
            "Count": 5 //Max amount for specific blueprint
        "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Items/Raft/Raft_BP.Raft_BP'": {
            "Name": "Wooden Raft",
            "Count": 3
        "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Items/Raft/MotorRaft_BP.MotorRaft_BP'": {
            "Name": "Motor Boat",
            "Count": 1
    "ItemMap": { //Useable items that spawn dinos (Item BP on LEFT) (Dino BP on RIGHT)
        "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Items/Raft/PrimalItemRaft.PrimalItemRaft'": "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Items/Raft/Raft_BP.Raft_BP'",
        "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Items/Raft/PrimalItemMotorboat.PrimalItemMotorboat'": "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Items/Raft/MotorRaft_BP.MotorRaft_BP'"
    "Messages": {
        "Sender": "Dino Limits", //Server chat and notification sender
        "ReachLimit": "You have reached your limit of that dino or the global dino limit!",
        "UnEquipped": "Item unequipped since it contains a restricted dino and if deployed would be over your limit!",
        "RestrictedInRange": "The dino you are trying to clone has already reached the limit!",
        "InvitingMergeFail": "Can't merge with this tribe, the tribe has too many dinos!",
        "InvitedMergeFail": "The tribe you are trying to merge with has too many dinos!",
        "InvitingTribeFail": "The player you are trying to invite has too many dinos!",
        "InvitedPlayerFail": "The tribe you are trying to join has too many dinos!",
        "ShowLimitCmd": "/DinoLimits", //Command to use to display limits
        "ShowLimitMsg": "{}: {}/{}\n",
        "TotalLimitMsg": "Total Dinos: {}/{}",
        "ShowLimitsType": "Notification", // "Chat" For old style or "Notification" For new style.
        "NotificationColor": { // Change color when using Notification style.
            "Red": 1,
            "Green": 0,
            "Blue": 0.5
        "ShowLimitsDisplayTime": 10, //Display time for showlimit command when using Notification
        "ShowLimitsScale": 1.5 //Display scale for showlimit command when using Notification
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