Dino Colour Command

Dino Colour Command 1.3

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Dino Colour Command

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Automatically colour a dinosaur by command like the command in admin manager but you can do it by chat command and also by editing config.json you can allow players to use the command and configure permissions.

How To Use

/sdc <Region> <Colour>

Regions: Click Here For Pteranodon Regions.
Colours: Click Here For Colours.


/sdc 1 1 - This will set a dinosaur region 1 to red.

    "RequirePermission":true // If set to true, the permission 'DinoColorCommand' will be required to use this command.
  • DinoColorCommand - Required to use chat command (by default).
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Latest updates

  1. 1.3

    Added permissions support Fixed bug with dino owner check
  2. DinoColourCommand Update 1.2

    Updated to work with Ark Server API 2.5
  3. Support For Automatic Plugin Update Checker

    Support For Automatic Plugin Update Checker

Latest reviews

Have the same Problem with that is not your dinosaur =( otherways when it would work with permission would be so nice =)
((Aberration)(That is not your Dinosaur.)
Needs permissions other than that its perfect
Perfect, simple, clean.
Great tool, for my, it needs to be able to add permissions, but that's just my opinion. It works perfectly and is simple to use.