Cross Server Chat

Cross Server Chat 1.0

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display a users chat message across multiple ark servers
Unicode Support
Local & Remote Server Support
a lot more efficient than competitors using sqllite database

make sure you configure this properly enabling your rcon ports and adding your server's ip : port to the RconServers in config

    "CrossChatKey":"", //Setup a unquie key here it must be the same for every server listed below
    "CrossChatMapNameInclude":true, //Include the map name in the uesrs chat message
    "RconServers":[ //A list of servers to send the users chats to you can add as many as you want
    "CrossChatMapNameOverride":"", //Overrides the servers map name CrossChatMapNameInclude must remain true, if you dont want to override the default map name leave it blank
    "Async":true //Run the sending of player messages & relaying of them on separate threads
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Latest reviews

Errors occur from time to time.
Failed To Send Rcon Packet TO (IP) Error
works, but unstable
Got it working thank you very much ;)
works not sure if its on my end or not but seems all regions map names come up as ocean :/