Cross Server Chat

Cross Server Chat 1.7

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display a users chat message across multiple ark servers
Unicode Support
Local & Remote Server Support
a lot more efficient than competitors using sqllite database

make sure you configure this properly enabling your rcon ports and adding your server's ip : port to the RconServers in config

    "CrossChatKey":"", //Setup a unquie key here it must be the same for every server listed below
    "CrossChatMapNameInclude":true, //Include the map name in the uesrs chat message
    "RconServers":[ //A list of servers to send the users chats to you can add as many as you want
    "CrossChatMapNameOverride":""//override the servers map name CrossChatMapNameInclude must remain true, if you dont want to override the default map name leave it blank
Any donation is much appreciated and very helpful towards the upkeep/creation of the plugins i provide, Plugins take time to create some hours some days and I keep 99% of them open source for others to learn from.

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Latest updates

  1. RconCrossServerChat 1.7

    fixed a bug.
  2. RconCrossServerChat 1.6

    Added Async Rcon posts should solve any noticeable lagg Changed send timeouts to 120 ms to...
  3. Cross Server Chat 1.5

    Added CrossChatMapNameOverride to the config

Latest reviews

Error: 10053 Help PLZ
Does this plugin use the awful text that RCOON does? When sending a message via RCON? Or does it use the same type of Chat text as usual?

Great plugin.
Only problem wat i have is the function to Extinction map is it not working.
not working.Trying all
Could somebody tell me why I can read messages typed in genesis on the island, but I can't read messages typed in Island on Genesis.
I copy/pasted the Config. so they are identical.
Läuft perfekt, vielen Dank für deine Arbeit.
Kann mir eventuell jemand helfen das einzustellen bitte. ich bin am verzweifeln :(
What should CrossChatKey be? I've tried everything, nothing helps. 04/05/20 09:42 [RconCrossServerChat][error] Config Read Error: Unknown exception
04/05/20 09:42 [RconCrossServerChat][error] Plugin Disabled please add a CrossChatKey
Tenglo cluster 3 mapas y funciona bien, solo había que configurar bien.
Keep getting this error in the logs, any fixes i can use?

03/24/20 16:15 [RconCrossServerChat][error] Config Read Error: Unknown exception
03/24/20 16:15 [RconCrossServerChat][error] Plugin Disabled please add a CrossChatKey
This is not a plugin issue this is a config issue also if you want a better version Buy Advanced Chat i dont really update this anymore although it does still work.