Chat Icons 2.3

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  • FIXED: Crash due to tribe rank matching
Likes: Foppa
  • Fixed icons not always being updated (thanks cokll)
  • Added RCON config reload command: "ChatIcons.Reload"
  • Recompiled against newest ARK API
  • Changed minimum API version to 3.0
  • Renamed plugin to ChatIcons (removed Ark prefix)
  • Renamed config reload command to ChatIcons.Reload
  • FIXED: Unicode characters not showing correctly (RCON requires UnicodeRcon due to game limitations)
  • FIXED: RCON 'getchat' command not showing chat logs
  • IMPROVED: Compatibility with other chat-modification mods like ArkCrossServerChat. No longer needs ArkCrossServerChat fix!
  • REMOVED: No longer needed config options:
    • InterceptGlobalChat
    • InterceptTribeChat
    • InterceptAllianceChat
    • InterceptLocalChat
    • LogGlobalChat
    • LogTribeChat
    • LogAllianceChat
    • LogLocalChat
    • LocalChatDistance
  • FIXED: RCON getgamelog (no getchat yet...)
  • NEW: Added option to prevent logging by each chat type
  • NEW: Added option for icons by tribe id and tribe ranks
Fixed version number in PluginInfo.json
  • FIXED: Tribe, Alliance, and Local chat showing for all players
  • CHANGE: Changed config reload command from "ArkChatIcon.Reload" to "ArkChatIcons.Reload" (missed the 's' on Icons)
  • CHANGE: Added texture caching to prevent unneeded resource (re)loading
  • NEW: Added config options to allow default ARK behavior for specific chat types