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Chat Icons 2.3

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This plugin allows Overriding Chat Icons by Permission Groups and/or Steam IDs.

Example Configuration:
  "Groups": { // Groups from the Permissions plugin
    "Admins": "/Game/PrimalEarth/UI/Textures/ServerAdminChat_Icon.ServerAdminChat_Icon", // Keep this line unless you want to override/remove the default ServerAdmin icon
    "Donor": "/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/StatusIcons/Mating_Icon.Mating_Icon"
  "TribeIds": {
    "123456790": {
      "SomeTribeRank1": "/Game/PrimalEarth/UI/Textures/WildcardAdminChat_Icon.WildcardAdminChat_Icon",
      "SomeTribeRank2": "/Game/PrimalEarth/UI/Textures/StatsIcons/Fortitude_Icon.Fortitude_Icon"
  "SteamIds": {
    "1234567890": "/Game/Aberration/Icons/Resources/Gem3_Icon.Gem3_Icon"
  "Debug": false // Setting to true will print debug messages. You probably don't need or care about this.
  • Only icons that exist within ARK or from Mods can be used.
  • If a player is matched against multiple icon entries (e.g. Group and SteamId), the first entry matched in this order will be used:
    1. Steam Id
    2. Tribe Id (and rank)
    3. Permission Group
  • Removing the "Admins" key from the Groups section will disable the default ServerAdmin tag. Similarly, specifying a different icon for "Admins" will override the default ServerAdmin tag.
Compatibility Note:
Due to similar methods for intercepting chat, the following plugin(s) have compatibility issues and may conflict:
  • ArkCrossServerChat: Global Chat is duplicated. A fix has been submitted: tsebring/ArkCrossServerChat PR #7 (link) Fixed in v1.03

Console Commands:
  • ChatIcons.Reload - Reloads the config
Source: GitHub
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Latest updates

  1. v2.3 - Changelog

    FIXED: Crash due to tribe rank matching
  2. v2.2 - Changelog

    Fixed icons not always being updated (thanks cokll) Added RCON config reload command...
  3. v2.0 - Changelog

    Recompiled against newest ARK API Changed minimum API version to 3.0 Renamed plugin to ChatIcons...

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Can the same function be achieved in this game? "Atlas"
A great, simple plugin!
Basic plugin, but really nice.
I would add some kind of "TAG" for people and coloured names if it is posible, thank you!
Using this Plugin for GamingOGs server. Works awesome! Thank you!