Hey - you server administrator out there,

Are you fed up with players placing structures all over the map but not decaying ..?
Or even players who claim good spots (especially on PvP servers), but then just leaving for some reason?

Then you came to the right plugin!

This plugin allows you to set a specific time to remove structures from players who were not online in this time.

Lets say you configure 48h in the config file - this would mean that every player can be offline for 47 hours without loosing any structure. If the player exceed this time all structures on the map of the player / tribe will get removed.

This plugin will give you:
  • better Performance
  • more Players
  • a balanced contrast for Protection Plugins / Mods

NOTE #1: Please ensure that you're the running the ArkServerAPI version 2.9!

NOTE #2: If you're using the plugin "StructureLimit" please be sure to delete "PdbConfig.json" from the folder. Since its already part of the newest API version and would lead to a crash.

Please join my Discord *Click me* after buying it to clarify anything else

Special thanks to Ronnie who helped me testing it on a well visited server :)
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Latest reviews

EliteArk uses this across all servers without a hiccup. Makes my job 10000% easier as one of the top problems is having players join the server, take a good base spot, and then leave the server 2-3 days later. This very easily automates the whole process of cleaning the server. Not only does it make the in game server clean. But saves in server performance on average of 40%. It's a win win.