Auto Protection 1.0

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Auto protection plugin made For MatichaPvp

- This plugin protect new players structures against raid for a set time in the config.
- The plugin send a message to player if he try to attack a protected structure
- The plugin send the player a notification if he try to raid someone and he's under protection.
- The protection time is configurable
- All messages are configurable.
- Player command
- Admin command

Player Commands :

- /Autoprot : show the player he's protection time left.
- /Removeprot : This command allowed a player to remove hes protection if he dont want it.

Console Command:

- Cheat SetProt <steamId> <TimeInHours> <Tribe = 1 / No tribe 0>

- Put 0 if the player is not on a tribe and 1 if he is

The plugins was Made for MachinePvp

Config files :
    "ProtectionTime": 48, \\ change this to change the time of protection, if you want to disable the protection on the first day wipe use 0.
    "DBPrefix": "Ragnarok", \\ if you have a cluster and want the protection time to be on cluster change the name of the map for each server
    "DBFilePath": "C:/Users/Administrator/Desktop/serveur ark/Database", \\ to use the same db file for multipile server change this
    "MessageDelay": 3, \\ change this if you want to change the limited in time of warning message display
    "Messages": {
        "prefix": "AutoProt", \\ Change this with your server name or what ever
        "DamageMessage": "This structures has still %hours% hours and %minutes% minutes protection left!",
        "ProtectionStarted": "Your structures are protected for %time% minutes",
        "ProctectionLost": "Your protection time is over. Players may now destroy your structures",
        "ProtectionTimeChanged": "Your protection time has been set to %time%",
        "CurrentProtectionTime": "Your protection lasts another %hours% hours and %minutes% minutes",
        "ProtectionRemoved": "Your protection has been removed!"
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Great plugin
Mod seems to think wild beehives are "people's structures" only issue i've found so far
Great plugin, Problem is, This user charged us $2,000 for plugin that he doesn't own and nor without his dev's consent to release it. This user has told me multiple times he has planted a backdoor virus in our plugins. Beware of this user, Great plugin itself, but a terrible user.

Maticha is not a plugin dev, He only pays people to create his plugins. He is a snake be warned and be careful working with him. This plugin wasn't created by him he had a dev create the plugin so the plugin itself is working an amazing.