Atlas Server Manager

Atlas Server Manager 3.9

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Added a system to replace ini & db config files from a backup this is applied at server startup no more ruined files due to updates yay
Added a delayed startup option in Monitor tab
Fixed a small bug in updates
Finally a less buggy more fixed release i waited a few days and did a lot of testing, hopefully it works good for everyone now
  • Added Custom After Launch Arguments (startup options that start with -)
  • Fixed a lot of updating issues
  • Added BattleEye option
  • Ability to add a server without serverip
  • Changed the task system a bit it should be better now
Added option to show steamcmd window when updated, can solve issues with windows 7 and updating.
the method used to get the games current update version has been changed it could of been the problem behind most updating / not launching issues have a try thanks to @myl86898244 for noticing this problem and reporting it to me.
Fixed a bug that caused server paths that started with ./ or .\ to not actually work properly
Potential update bug fix.
Fixed Rcon ip not saving thanks to @myl86898244 for noticing and posting a fix at github.
Fixed downed server not being launched in some case's
Clear Servers button fixed
launching servers even though they are already online after when no update existed has been fixed
RCON Crash fix
Status updates fixed now the status changes from online/offline
Some rcon log messages fixed they were displayed even if you pressed cancel.
Fixed several issues related to updating bugs with steamcmd it should be a lot better for everyone now
Using Async tasks instead of threads.
Rcon popup box now remembers what was last entered
Options split between 2 tabs now
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