Atlas Server Manager

Atlas Server Manager 4.4

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Removed popup message box saying update version
Fixed The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel
Likes: IronMonk
Fixed auto update steamcmd was returning the wrong build id thus not pushing a update i have now made it pull the latest build id from suggested by baylf2000
Likes: IronMonk
Fixed a bug with updating.
Update bug sometimes getting / setting the version would fail now using a new method of getting current build suggested by @baylf2000
SourceQuery bug patched sometimes source query ports may not of been closed thanks @hoshi for noticing
Added debug checkbox to options to output debug messages about updates
Added a system to replace ini & db config files from a backup this is applied at server startup no more ruined files due to updates yay
Added a delayed startup option in Monitor tab
Fixed a small bug in updates
Finally a less buggy more fixed release i waited a few days and did a lot of testing, hopefully it works good for everyone now
  • Added Custom After Launch Arguments (startup options that start with -)
  • Fixed a lot of updating issues
  • Added BattleEye option
  • Ability to add a server without serverip
  • Changed the task system a bit it should be better now
Added option to show steamcmd window when updated, can solve issues with windows 7 and updating.
the method used to get the games current update version has been changed it could of been the problem behind most updating / not launching issues have a try thanks to @myl86898244 for noticing this problem and reporting it to me.
Fixed a bug that caused server paths that started with ./ or .\ to not actually work properly