Atlas Server Manager (Discontinued Source available)

Atlas Server Manager (Discontinued Source available) 4.4

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Invaluable tool! Using to run Kingdom's End server 6x6 grid.
Only issue I've had is it only detects a maximum of 32 threads for affinity - meaning the 56 thread server I'm running only uses 16 of it's cores without manually adjusting the affinity each time the instances launch.
@LinearBurn - The clues are in those first two errors at the top of your post. Something about your game and query ports must be wrong
\src\clientdll\gameserver.cpp (684) : Assertion Failed: usGamePort != usQueryPort
\src\clientdll\gameserver.cpp (684) : Assertion Failed: usGamePort != usQueryPort
Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 834910
[2019.02.08-01.46.58:970][ 0]LogMemory: Platform Memory Stats for WindowsServer
[2019.02.08-01.46.58:970][ 0]LogMemory: Process Physical Memory: 56.93 MB used, 56.93 MB peak
[2019.02.08-01.46.58:970][ 0]LogMemory: Process Virtual Memory: 46.99 MB used, 47.12 MB peak
[2019.02.08-01.46.58:970][ 0]LogMemory: Physical Memory: 20667.16 MB used, 32759.17 MB total
[2019.02.08-01.46.58:970][ 0]LogMemory: Virtual Memory: 321.86 MB used, 134217728.00 MB total
[2019.02.08-01.46.59:600][ 0]ATLAS Version: 18.5 (Rev. 107965)
[2019.02.08-01.46.59:600][ 0]PID: 10296
[2019.02.08-01.47.36:154][ 0]Primal Game Data Took 35.02 seconds
[2019.02.08-01.47.41:683][ 0]SteamSocketsOpenSource: gethostname failed ()
[2019.02.08-01.47.41:683][ 0]gethostbyname failed ()
[2019.02.08-01.47.46:494][ 0]Network range scales set to: 48 start, 77 end, 0.440000 endscale
[2019.02.08-01.47.49:410][ 0]Server: "Atlas_D4" has successfully started!
[2019.02.08-01.47.50:467][ 0]Commandline: "Ocean?ServerX=3?ServerY=3?Port=57576?QueryPort=5776?AltSaveDirectoryName=33?MaxPlayers=150?ReservedPlayerSlots=50?ServerAdminPassword=********?ServerCrosshair=false?AllowThirdPersonPlayer=false?MapPlayerLocation=false?serverPVE=true?RCONEnabled=true?RCONPort=28015?EnablePvPGamma=false?AllowAnyoneBabyImprintCuddle=false?ShowFloatingDamageText=False?SeamlessIP=**********" -game -server -log -NoCrashDialog -NoBattlEye
[2019.02.08-01.47.50:468][ 0]Full Startup: 54.87 seconds (BP compile: 0.00 seconds)
[2019.02.08-01.47.50:468][ 0]Number of cores 12
[2019.02.08-01.47.54:771][ 2]Finished start-up log processing

Any idea why i cant connect to the server?
This tool is not great for the 9x9 I run, I need the ability to import my .bat file to set it up. It would be 5/5 stars if i could do that. Also, I dont know how this would work with symbolic links, or if it can to begin with.
The server manger is really a great program. We use it to manage our 3x3 cluster.
I noticed 2 bugs in the current version 4.4
- All servers are started automatically at program start, although the option is deactivated
- Delay starting of single servers does not work either, because all servers are started imediately

Keep up the good work!
MOST EXCELLENT!! Done Yourself a Great Job..
Great program. He runs very well on my multiple servers.
I had no problem plugging the info into the program and starting up my servers, The auto update thing is not needed for us as we want to be able to filter which updates make it to the players as there have been a few that were rough like the SoTD rapid fire, want to make sure there are no bad bugs before installing. Would love to see mod support as it is now a thing and maybe a discord thing to tell discord server status. Thank you for all your hard work myself and the rest of our community salute you my friend!
Fantastic program, does exactly what's needed, and does it well.

Feature Requests :-

Allow list sorting, ie list servers by name. I run a 9x9 and B2 is the Home server, so I created that one first then B1 and B2, resulting in that my list displays in a weird order.

Options to open each servers ini files from within the tool, perhaps allowing the user to choose their own editing tool rather than create a bespoke one. Or an option to open each servers save folder.

Is there anyway to stop the graphical update flicker? I have my server screen set up so that I can monitor things whilst playing, but sometimes the constant flickering gets annoying.

Only issues I've had:-

the auto updater doesn't work consistently, but I think that's user (me) error.

Sometimes it seems to close for no reason, but it doesn't do it as much as it did.

On starting the program it auto starts all the servers, even with the option to auto start stooped servers turned off.

Really useful, makes it so easy to keep track of many instances
I had a lot of problems with older versions. Everything is fixed now, and I can use a hostname instead my dinamic IP, that is really awesome. Also, the config backup is really useful.
The tool is very nice and seems expandable, i am having problems connecting with RCON to my servers
try use as your rcon ip
Hellu mate, I like that this game server is not for stupid people. Your program is easy too understand. You need too be a potato if you don't. XD One thing what I see is an issue is that the server is not auto updating. So I need too press on the update button. It's absolutely no hurry. Just wanted too tell. Would it be an nice idea if you could autoclose the Database Server and start it again? Like auto ctrl c, c and then just call up the bat file? Thank's again for all your work it's really appriciated!
thanks for the nice review im certainly looking into fixing auto update and hmm i wonder if its possible to ctrl + c on it cause i cant close the process or it may lose a save i mean i guess i could bring to foreground window and use send keys but i dont think it will work on dedicated server because no input is connected i remember trying to make a chat bot that spammed tunngle it worked perfectly on my pc also worked on my dedi (while i was connected to remote desktop) but as soon as i closed remote desktop it would stop sending keys because no keyboard input, ill give it a shot maybe its different now that was with like windows server 2008
Well I for one am appalled at how easy this tool is to use, is there any way you can write up a 16 page tutorial detailing step by step how to set this thing up? I actually had to spend a total of 5 damn minutes setting up 9 servers in a quick 3x3 grid, which I then immediately deployed as the live map for my community. And the fact that this tool hasn't even broken me yet is just plain horrid, because we all know tools break people. Excuse me, while I let my servers manage themselves now. Can't believe I lost 5 minutes of my life setting up a few servers.
love your reply did you actually play gunz the duel?, i used to be the main ugg programmer :) b4 it went to crap haha
setup instructions are highly lacking. I would suggest a detailed text file that gives people a literally hand-holding from beginning to end.
im too busy to write something like that up and well the fact you give negative review about a program thats super simple to use just shows a lot my friend, honestly reviews are for about the software its self not about the setup manual that was never claimed to be included your review is just pointless and completely unneeded this program is to help people who already know how to setup a server its not for noobs.
Hah.. wanted to shedule the task in windows Server 2016 to start without logon, now my whole Servers are deleted within the Software.. thanks.
sounds very impossible, you clearly fucked up off your own according and leave me a bad rating because you dont understand windows good job bud.
Great tool. Although with 3.9 I get a "DefaultEngine.ini is denied" error when trying to start the servers from the tool. Also, I had reboot when offline unchecked but it continually tried to restart the servers anyways.
Great software! Thank you for your hard work and hours spent providing the community with this tool!
Awesome, will this tool at some point support servers on differente dedicated boxes?
What if the atlas servers are on different servers? how to run automatically and update everything?
for now just start them at the same times and have the automated updates at the same time interval's it works for me