Atlas: Server API

Atlas: Server API 1.6

No permission to download
Please update the API.

there is a new update API not working??????
Классный плагин магазина. Лучший.
Hi There this is a really good plugin, but we want to make the switch to linux, can you supply source files so we can build a linux alternative, we would be happy to give you all credit once its built ;)
It's open source, but linux version would be completely different.
Hello, Do you need to puth this only in the masterserver or in every server.
Can't wait to figure out my own config issues - ArkShop has always been a great Ark mod and will do good for atlas as well :)
Thank you so much for making this Michidu ;)
Works Great!

I hope you port over the Safe Zone plugin!
Will be very handy, great work :)