ARK: Tribe Log Relay

ARK: Tribe Log Relay 1.63

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MySQL changes for Tribe Names with special characters to fix issues setting a webhook.
Leaving the ServerName blank in the config.json will now use the Map name
Added new config option to append Map Name to the end of the ServerName setting.
The above settings were mainly added to support clusters that use the shared server installation method.
MySQL database fix for tribe names.
Fixed issue with cluster transfers not being logged properly and new messaging added to support this.
Added new messaging when a message or localization is not found in the config.
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  • Bug Fix - MySQL support had an error preventing tribe webhooks from loading from the database on server restarts. This is the reason that resetting the webhook after a reboot would allow discord messages to flow again.
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New Config Options:
  • ForceTribeMembership
    • Setting this to true will make sure everyone on the server is in a tribe. No longer will the solo bob cry he was attacked and has no proof because he didn't form a tribe.
  • CryoItems
    • Added ability to allow for any mod that uses cryopod style functionality to have "freeze/unfreeze" events logged if they don't support them. Some items may not be compatible depending on their implementation.
  • Admin Keyword Matching
    • Admin Keyword Logging to filter events. This mimics the tribes keyword filtering and supports @everyone although I recommend leaving them set to false for admin logs. Ping cooldown is not active on admin logs so if you set them to true you will get a ping everytime.
Other Additions / Fixes:
  • Login and Logout are now able to be sent to discord and can be localized.
  • Hatching eggs is now able to be sent to discord and can be localized.
  • Non-egg dino births are now able to be sent to discord and can be localized.
  • TribeID 2000000000 entries will not be sent any longer.
  • Several config formatting changes please make sure you aren't missing anything when upgrading.
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Changelog: (yes, I skipped 1.2 so I can have ATLAS and ARK on the same version number)

The reload command now works in the Console, RCON and Chat.
Config.json format completely revamped.
Additional performance tuning to eliminate looking up information for each message and various code cleanup tasks.

New Config options:
  • "DiscordPingCooldown"
    • Setting to 0 disables the new feature and TLR will act as it always has.
    • Setting to 60 for instance is the number of seconds that must pass before another @everyone can be sent to discord. The message will still be delivered during the "cooldown" period minus the @everyone.
  • "UseTribeID" (Only affects Admin Logging)
    • Setting to true will display the Tribe Name and Tribe Id
    • Setting to false will only display the TribeName
  • "TribeFormat" This allows you to customize in the admin logging how to display the tribe info.
    • Examples using Tribe Name "LethalTribe" and Tribe Id "1234567890" with "UseTribeId" set to true
      • "{0}::{1}" will display as (LethalTribe::1234567890)
      • "{1}::{0}" will display as (1234567890::LethalTribe)
      • "Id:{1} Name:{0}" will display as (Id:1234567890:LethalTribe)
New Config Section:
    "DetectCyroUnfreeze":true,    //false will disable the cryopod unfreeze feature
    "DetectTribenameChange":true,  //false will not log tribename changes
    "DetectTribeOwnerChange":true  //false will not log tribe owner changes
Some Localization options for events I created that are not in the standard game:
    "TribeOwnerChanged":"Tribe owner changed from {0} to {1}",   // 0=Previous Tribe Owner, 1=New Tribe Owner
    "TribeNameChanged":"Tribe name changed to ({0})",  //0=New tribe name
    "UnCryo":"{0} unfroze {1}" //0=PlayerName, 1=DinoName/Level
According to Google Translate Korean may look like this:
    "TribeOwnerChanged": "부족 소유자가 {0}에서 {1} (으)로 변경되었습니다.",
    "TribeNameChanged": "종족 이름이 ({0}) (으)로 변경되었습니다.",
    "UnCryo": "{0}이 (가) {1}을 (를) 고정 해제했습니다."
Bug Fix: The "Day" should now be 100% accurate with in game logs.
Bug Fix: Unicode support - All standard messages in ARK should display in discord based on the servers culture setting. The new localization settings will handle my custom messages.
Bug Fix: Fixed all known issues with cryopod logging.
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  • Made the slash command changeable so you can change "/TLR" to "/DiscordLog" for example (no spaces allowed in the command also not case sensitive)
  • Reload config via chat command (server admin only) useful for tweaking and testing keyword settings (by default this will be "/TLR.Reload" but the first part of the command will match the command you specify in the config.
  • Tribe name changes will add an entry in the tribe log with new and previous name.
    • If admin logging is being used it will be sent to admin Discord and/or the tribe discord (if you add " renamed " to your keyword list)
  • Tribe Ownership changes will be logged as well but currently it will only support PlayerID's in the message.
    • If admin logging is being used it will be sent to the admin Discord and/or the tribe discord (if you add "Tribe owner changed" to your keyword list)
  • Compatibility with the Plugin Update Checker
  • Removing a dino from a cryopod (unfroze) will now be logged in the tribe logs. (added in the new default config)
  • Permissions has been integrated allowing for the command to be only used by users with the specified permission. (New entries in the config disabled by default. Also enabling this option will no longer give Tribe Owners permission to the command update the message accordingly to make sense with the features you are using)
  • Reworked the message queue system to ensure it can handle large amounts of events at once. Admin logging if enabled is set so that it should not trigger the discord webhook rate limit. Using the same webhook for multiple things could lead to rate limiting preventing the webhook from getting messages from any source for a "cooldown" period.
  • Added MySQL support (disabled by default)
This was a very big update if you come across any issues please post a message on the forums. I have done my best to stress test this version and the new features.

***See the upgrade instructions in the main post***
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