fixed a malfunctioned cache which has caused alot people to loose their bases
Added a console command for debugging on malfunction (cheat autodecay.debug)
removed debug message...
Likes: Toni
Fixed a bug for tribes sometimes not getting the VIP DecayTime
Added multiple DBMS support (All SQL based)
Improved performance
Likes: Toni
Fixed the command
Fixed scheduled time
- Added the possibility to run a check on a certain time of the day.
- Added the possibility to add a chat command (default /decaytime) to see how much time is remaining
- Added the possibility (Yea again) to display a notification for all player once the AutoDecay procedure has been started
- Added the possibility to unclaim dino instead of decaying (Consider modifying the AutoBreed check)
- Added the possibility to add possibilities...
Likes: Toni
Min API Version is now 3.0
Added MySQL Support
removed debug mode