[ARK] AutoDecay [Anti-Autobreed][Cluster Support][Combined Structures] 3.0

- Fixed a bug where the lastLogin internally has been overriden by lower value on startup
Likes: Sly
Added option in config to see the current state of decay-checking
Likes: Ronniek09
removed debug messages
Likes: Ronniek09
- Whole different algorithm behind checking Structures/Dinos. It took an huge impact on performance (Thanks to Ownprox at this point)
- Added the option for VIP Groups to specify another DecayTime
- Added the option for Overriding structures(Currently Supported: S+ and ARKomatic)
Likes: Ronniek09
removed debug messages
- fixed World lag when executing the check
Added a failsafe check
Fixed database error --> not getting created on startup
- recreated whole config file
- Added AutoBreedControl - the new way for controlling AutoBreeding

Thanks to fearmaker for requesting the new feature
Removed license check