[ARK] AutoDecay [Anti-Autobreed][Cluster Support][Combined Structures] 3.0

Bugfix and cleanup
removed debug message
Fixed error on startup
Added a config option named "SynchronizeOnCluster" - which basically does what it says. Its synchronizes the last login time on Server B if player join Server A.
Likes: Toni
Fixed permission check
- Added a decay log file which contains quite anything an administrator needs to know about
- Added the possibility to define a time for a structure placed on another (Foundation and above a Ladder / Pillar)
- improved performance of the actual check.
fixed a malfunctioned cache which has caused alot people to loose their bases
Added a console command for debugging on malfunction (cheat autodecay.debug)
removed debug message...
Likes: Toni
Fixed a bug for tribes sometimes not getting the VIP DecayTime