[ARK] AutoDecay [Anti-Autobreed][Cluster Support][Combined Structures] 4.4

- fixed a communication problem with Permissions
- added Multiple Group Support for an infinite amount of groups to set!!
- added option for group to not decay at all (Value set to 0)
- code cleanup
- fixed an issue where the server didn't load due to compatibility issues
- removed HWID warning message on startup. It will now only show the HWID when unauthorized.
- changed HWID generation
- Fixed a bug where the last login was not updatec correctly
- added HWID's to prevent any further pirating
- Fixed ScheduledCheckTime not working proper
- Overhaul of the entire check Removed Single/Duo Structure Overrides due to gamechange
- added a console command for manually running a check (cheat autodecay.forcerun)
- added a console command for obtaining a blueprint / asset path (cheat autodecay.getbp) for later implementation of the overrides again
finally resolved the RAM Leak - it came from an ARK internal function (yay)
Bugfix and cleanup
removed debug message
Fixed error on startup