Multi-thread support!
Pack of anticheat solutions to prevent:
- Walking / Shooting / Building under meshes
- Godmode
- Admin pass brootforcing
- Fast Fire
- Double login
- XP exploit


       "AntiMesh_DiscordWebhookToken": "",
        "AntiCheat_DiscordWebhookToken": ""
        "FireRateData":{  <- If you have a super-fast shooting rifle - enter how many bullets it can shoot in 1 seconds
        "RCONServers":{  <- for anti - double login
        "CheatDetected":{ <- what to do if cheat was detected
            "BanPlayer": true,
            "ExecuteConsoleCommands": {},
            "KickPlayer": false,
            "KillPlayer": false,
            "PenaltyMessage": "Cheat detected! You've been banned"

    "IgnoreAdmin": false, - ignore admin inside meshes
    "ExcludedCords": [
        //nothing special
    "ExcludedMeshes": [
     //nothing special
    "IncludedMeshes": [
     //nothing special
    "PlayerInsideMesh": { - What to do, if player joins inside mesh
        "BanPlayer": false,
        "ExecuteConsoleCommands": ["AddPoints {} - 100"], - You can set commands for execute
        {} - placeholder for player's steamid
        example: "AddPoints {} -100"
        "KickPlayer": false,
        "KillPlayer": true,
        "PenaltyMessage": "Undermesh detected! You've been teleported back",
        "TeleportPlayerFromMesh": false - If true, it will teleport player from mesh to back
    "Structures": { What to do, if player tried to place/placed structure inside mesh
        "BanPlayer": false,
        "DestroyUndermeshStructure": true,
        "ExecuteConsoleCommands": [],
        "KickPlayer": false,
        "KillPlayer": false,
        "PenaltyMessage": "You can't place structure there",
        "PreventUndermeshPlacement": true
    "AttackFromMesh": { What to do, if player attack character/dino/structure from mesh
        "BanPlayer": false,
        "ExecuteConsoleCommands": [],
        "KickPlayer": false,
        "KillPlayer": true,
        "PenaltyMessage": "Undermesh detected! You've been killed"
Reload config (chat command): /antimeshreload
After payment, join our discord and you will receive newest versions!

If u want to test it - make sure, that you disabled "cheat ghost".
Digital product
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1 Years
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