Advanced Chat

Advanced Chat 3.4

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  • Fixed tribe chat showing in global
  • Added option to enable custom colours for tribe / alliance chat - Check the default config file to see how
  • Added BestPerformance option which toggles between the methods used i.e (true uses the new high performance method / false will use the method used before version 3.0)
  • Old configs are supported and you can just copy and paste out the new stuff from the new example config if you want or just leave your config how it was
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  • Colour Names removed (ark filters them client side now no eta on when this will be added back or if it ever will)
  • Loads better performance rewrote the entire server sided chat message functions instead of using arks over bloated ones
  • Fixed a bug in PluginInfo.json, accidentally deleted a comma thanks Doc for making it aware to me
  • Fixed reload command causing duplicate chat messages when using cross server chat
  • Stopped chat commands being displayed in chatbox
  • Compiled with latest Permissions (1.4)
  • Removed Cross Chat name colour tags
Fixed Runtime loading causing duplicate messages whilst using Cross Chat
Added Cross Chat Unicode Support
Cross Server Chat Support added using rcon
Obelisk Character transfer colour fix
Messages at server console removed.
Version 2.1 Updated New config needed!!!! Fix's Discord post try with default settings before adjusting and you can use my test-discord channel to see if its working this url is already set in the config(edited)

Version 2.2 Discord posts ark users names in the message now instead of title

Version 2.3 Discord post ark user names now in bold

Version 2.4 discord multiple posts fixed, config update

added ability to override everyone's name colour / dead name colour / icon
/acreload - Seems to be fixed for me (had one or 2 say it did not work)
Discord Webhook potential fix urlencoding now toggleable using "UrlEncoding":false, in the new config by default urlencoding is now off as it causes message bugs at discord,
However you can still use your old config it will still be compatiable
Repeated icons when someone talkins in chat then someone without a icon talks should now be fixed
Unloading / loading the plugin should not crash anymore hopefully (cheat plugins.unload AdvancedChat or cheat plugins.load AdvancedChat)
Changes to Auth system to fix random characters displayed
Added a way to turn off the <RichColor and colouring syntax in message if you want just a white message (only works with ChatColour) Example:
mainly bug fix's if you already got 1.9 from discord you don't need to update.