Advanced Chat

Advanced Chat 3.4

No permission to buy ($20.00)
Another awesome plugin. Had some difficulty getting it setup until ver 3.9. Other than that, great job OwnProx!
Das Kaufen hat einige Zeit gedauert^^ Aber es hat sich Definitiv gelohnt! Am ersten Tag hatte ich Probleme mit dem Plugin aber habe sofort Support von @OwnProx bekommen! Er fixt auch sehr sehr Schnell Bugs. Einen Riesen Dank für diese Tolle Plugin! :)
Was able to follow the instructions that are here on the overview page and purchase this plugin from ownprox. He has a life! He also happens to make the best API plugins on this site. Thanks Again OwnProx.
sounds like a great product with everything i want. unfortunately i, along with several others from what ive read on this site are unable to try the product since it has "no permission to buy" where the buy button should be. its going on a week with no response from the author both as private message on this site and also private message in discord. would be nice if the author was more readily available for response as this is a product that requires purchase and activation on his end via a "license" check.

On a side note, instead of using a the term "basic support" i think most people would agree to see the specifics on what basic support entails. this would allow everyone to know what to expect for support instead of guess if something is included.

as for the 1 star rating, well the only experience i have with this product is the purchasing part and so far it is "terrible" as the 1 star rating is labeled. the purchase aspect does not work and i did not find an alternative for purchasing posted by the author.

if i can ever purchase this product and try it out i will do an actual review with specifics as a lot of these other reviews are vague and dont give much insight on how the product functions, how easy setup is, good visuals of what to expect ect.
Discord Integrator is much better than this, it will give you lag on the server, you can not change the color of the name and several other bugs.
the advanced chat was ever only designed to send messages to discord its not a fully integrated discord bot and never once did it mention it was and also you never contacted me for help or even spoke to me about any bugs via pm so your review is pretty useless.
Been using this plugin for many months across multiple servers without any issues, nice plugin that does what it says and makes the boring ark chat look much better!!! 5/5
Using this on 4 of our servers, absolutely Perfect! Thank you OwnProx!
Total control over the chat, now includes cross server support which is awesome!
Using this on 4 of our servers, absolutely love it! Thank you OwnProx!!!
does everything it promises to, author fixes issues and still adds new features. i run this on an 8 map cluster on all maps and only had to buy it once. each map is on the same machine fyi.
Worked perfectly for me since purchase in April. There's a lot of unfair reviews on this plugin, and I believe a lot of errors are due to user configuration errors.
I had only one issue, and that was Discord webhook, and that has been fixed.
Thanks for your hard work!
Very bad support for this plugin. Server owners can go week's/month without getting a response from the developer in his own discord. If you're in it; you'll see about 5+ people complaining that the plugin doesnt work. and it generally happens alot. I've issued a refund request through paypal for this and will not return to purchase until something better is available.
tried to help you quite a few times yeah i admit the discord posting had issues but everything else was working im sorry if the config was too hard to setup. its as simple as it can be and maybe actually be more specific about the issues in the review for others also it is stated basic support is given and the week's that you speak of the plugin was under development and i was fixing the issues stuff takes time.
@OwnProx Thats not the Point.
I would like to donate something but spend great money on a single server license which is bound to a server and can not be used in the cluster network is out of the question.
The server API is great, but a project can be supported by other donations instead of taking money for something like that.
This is just a suggestion. You can do more with these projects
thanks for the review the only reason this is a paid plugin is because i spent a lot longer on it than i planned to and its not as simple as you may think even stuff like kill feed was easier, I'm just well aware of people using this plugin to make money for them self's so i figured why can't i make a bit if others are reselling it and selling it as donation colours ect, And if you look at my work 95% of it is free and open source there is plenty of great examples to learn from i anyone is welcome to make a coloured chat themselves the resources are available, and one last point most people will make cash out of this and so i decided id make it a small fee also i have been giving everyone +1 server with there purchases
This plugin has been completely flawless, Works perfectly.
Fast response to feature requests. If this is the Quality we can expect from Paid plugins...BRING THEM ON!
thanks for the nice review let me know if you run into any problems at all.
Excellent little feature to spice things up on your server! Totally worth it. Working 100% on my servers.
thanks for the nice review man, if you have any ideas for future features let me know.
Looks amazing but if i want to add some more servers its a little bit expensive
thanks for the nice review man, if you have any ideas for future features let me know, as this plugin is new and i need more testers pm me for a discount and i can make the price a little cheaper for you the more testing the better.