ACCIon RCON tool 24.21.0

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ACCIon RCON tool (for Ark, ATLAS & more)
ACCIon is an RCON tool for the administration of servers that support RCON.
ACCIon works for:
  • Ark Survivial Evolved
  • Dark & Light
  • Atlas
  • Conan
  • PiXArk
  • Outlaws of the Old West
  • and other RCON Games.
  • Administer up to 100(Patreon) or 15(Free) servers at the same time
  • Display of chats
  • Display of the logs
  • Show connected player
  • Discord Bot. ACCIon transfers the chat log and the cheat logs to your Discord server.
    If you have the ionbridge, you can also send messages from discord to the servers.
    If you have Acmd you can also send commands to the server.
  • Alarm feature. If server have problems. (E-Mail, Sound, Discord)
  • Chat alarm feature. Is someone write a special word. (Sound, Discord)
  • Send commandos to the servers: server chat, broadcast, kick-bann players and more
  • Commands can be delayed and repeated (query display)
  • Commands can be executed daily
  • Free color choice for better distinction
  • Up to 3 groups usable for a better distinction
  • Right Click on Player opens the Steam profile
  • Marking new players
  • Display of the game time per server
  • Logs are stored separately in the log folder
  • Cross Ark Chat (Patreons)
  • InGame RCON Commands(Patreons)
  • Show InGame name and tribename(Patreons)

In order to use this program, the server needs the following start parameters:
Replace Portnumber and YourPassword.
This tool need Netframework 4.5.2
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