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    [PC] Arkatron 10x Cluster [S+/Shop/Kits/ORP]

    [Introduction] A FRESH NEW Ark Server Cluster of 3 maps. Ragnarok, Center and Valguero. With the latest configurations and mods. Proving users with the right set of mods, settings and game play experience. Hope you enjoy. [Server Info] Server Maps: Ragnarok, Center & Valguero Server Search...
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    TebexArk - Server Donation Plugin

    Been using it for months now, never had an issue. But after upgrading to 2.0, I'm getting errors on loading it up. I uploaded the config file as instructed, no issues in it as I always validate my json files before I upload them. Info: Failed to load plugin - TebexArk Error code: 127 Yes, it...
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    Solved Not able to read Tribe ID

    Yes, that worked. Thanx Michidu
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    Solved Not able to read Tribe ID

    Hi, I am trying to read the tribe ID of every player that joins to my servers for my plugin functions. I have a cluster, one is Ragnarok and other is Extinction. I am using the following codes to read the tribe ID, but when players travel from one server to the other, their tribe ID is 0. Can...
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    Solved Event Death Match - Not Teleporting Players After Completion

    Hi, We have noticed that when a character gets unconscious during the match and if the match ends before they wake up, they get stuck in the arena place. We have to go and manually kill them in most cases to unstuck them. Could you please check into this and have a fix produced. Thank you.