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  • hello, it is possible to change the GameUserSettings.ini file from the console without having to restart the game.
    Suggestion. The shop plugin already tracks player log time for points/time. Is it possible to add in separate rewards based on specific times? Example once a player hits 10 hours on that server they are rewarded with xpoints or xitem.
    Hello Michidu,
    Sorry to bother, but I just wanted to point you to the "Ark Shop, Currency & Kits" Discussion area, where I posted a new Comment/Question.
    I am having an issue that I was hoping you could help me with. :-)
    Hello Michidu,
    I just wanted to say that if you type "/kit starter" in the chat at the "ark shop currency & kits" plugin, the server crashes and stays offline for up to 1 hour.
    hello Michidu a pleasure to greet you
    Could you tell me how to configure the config.json file of the adminpermissions plugin?
    Please I need your help
    I have no idea how to give permissions for specific commands
    Hello Michidu,
    is it possible to create a plugin that will give admins an ability to change dino stats? something like "PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed" but configurable for each dino?
    + it would be awesome if it also can change BaseStatMultipliers for each dino - cause you can change base speed of flyers by your own and forget about Classic Flyers)))
    But this is my dreams... as i know game don't give you ability to change BaseStatMultipliers for dinos - only DinoClassDamageMultipliers and DinoClassResistanceMultipliers. am i right?
    It should be possible to change BaseStatMultipliers too. Did you mean for every dino type?
    Yes I mean separately for every dino type
    Hi .. I want to greet your person and congratulate him for such an excellent job
    I have a question
    because the command to buy animals of aberration does not work ... but if I can spawn like admin
    "basilik": {
    "Type": "dino",
    "Description": "basilik",
    "Level": 500,
    "Price": 20,
    That's an example of my basilisk to buy:

    Hello Michidu,

    is it possible as i done for KIT to add some newcomer 1000 points as begining over the config file ?
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