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I want to use the short ArkShop UI, but I know that I need a plug-in to use it.
Where can I buy it? :)
Hellow OwnProx,

it seems like your Crosschat Plugin is not working with the ARK API 3.51 - since there is some crash fixes id like to ask you, if you check it out since we struggle with recently Crashes on our Cluster and tried to update our ARK API to prevent any crashes.
Здравствуйте. Вы писали:

Здравствуйте, как разблокировать возможность оплаты на сайте . Тех. Поддержка unitpay отвечает какой то бред.
upd Все, нашел, извините

В чем была проблема?
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hey buddy i saw you got the safe zone location in ark.. i was wondering how do you get the location and how do you actually set it up?
the command to enable a simpledinostats permission, not this source to the groups I add
Hello. I have wrongly paid with someone else's link. can you check your personal messages please?
I purchased the plugin already, but I used someone else's link thinking you were sharing a simple link for anybody to use. Also, do you have a discord link? I cannot find a single link throughout your offerings