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SafeZone plug in works just fine for the Island map but for some reason fails to start with any other DLC maps. Anyone has any idea why?
hi, im learning your ark plugin named "dinocommendcolor ", but i dont know how to give my player the tokenpoint of tokenbank, can u tell me please?
"General": {
"RequireAdmin": false,
"Permission": {
"Enable": false,
"Name": "DinoColourCommand"
"TokenBank": {
"Enable": true,
"cost": 300,
"Type": "vip"
Looking to buy your Advance Chat. Please see DM. Thank you. =) I purchased the plugin already, but I used someone else's link thinking you were sharing a simple link for anybody to use. Also, do you have a discord link? I cannot find a single link throughout your offerings.
Sorry to bother you, but I saw that in some posts you were offering help setting up mysql.
And I'm having a lot of trouble configuring, and I also know almost nothing about it.
Actually I'm using PHPadmin, I have a rented server.
If you can help me, I appreciate it!
hey i saw that you did a pastebin config for currency shop kits plugin.. i was wondering if you could help me with a thing on my cluster.. i have everything set up via mysql and can access the db and see that i have groups, the groups match the earning groups i have in the arkshop.. but no matter what i do.. it only gives default amount of points..