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Hallo, wir haben Ark Api auf den Server geladen, haben das Problem, dass der In-Game-Shop geändert werden sollte, haben aber keine Ahnung, werden gerne bezahlen. LG
If you are talking about the Api mods, you have to download the Api and copy paste its contents to your Win64 folder.
Located at:
Then download the mods and copy and paste thier contents into your Plugins folder.
Which will then be located at:
Then start your server.
If you are talking about the regular mods that you get from the Steam workshop, you add them to the gameusersettings.ini file under:
You will need the number of the corresponding mod found on the mods workshop page and separate each one with a comma. Some have load order requirements which will be listed on their workshop page also.
hey bro. how to install the mod in the server private crossplay, because i have the server private on, but i dont know how to install this plugin or mods in the server, please tell me how to install
Hello OwnProx,

I just purchased Advanced chat from

Please message me when you have time or add me on discord Apacxx#9337
@OwnProx I am still waiting for your reply.
Thanks will pm you with download instructions, also sorry for the delay have a free extra license due to it, just mention this message anytime when you want it activated.
Hi CR,
Just added Cross Server Chat 1.7 plugin to my server cluster, loads perfectly. I read how you were in support of it because it's free and assuming it works. What are the commands to get it started? Sent the Dev a message but there's no response; he hasn't even responded to questions in his paid version. I appreciate you help. Thanks in advance.
Having a little issue with the Voting API. When you /claim in the chat it responds; "checking, please wait" & be on that for awhile. Then it says that there are no rewards to claim. This started happening a month ago. I thought maybe it was because TopArkServers website had changed so I checked & sure enough my key was different from what I had previously. Changed it and it's still not working, any idea?
Hey. I don't know English well, can I answer the chat of the game server from the discord without going to the server, as an admin, using this plugin?
hi im looking for some support on the vote rewards.
it seems to sometimes crash the server on /claim is there any way i can fix it or ?
About PVP Scheduler 1.8 , have any update ? , i very like this plugin but i would like you add more funtion like
- When PVPVE turret won't shoot anything
- When PVPVE can kill my own tribe dino
I would be very grateful. Please consider it. Thank you.