[XBOX/WIN] Stripped Ark - Duo/3 Man, No Wipe Balanced PvP


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Discord: https://discord.gg/Y7ms3cRusH

The goal of this server is to provide a home for anyone who - wants a PVP focused server that doesn't wipe every month - would prefer not to deal with the OP stuff that Ark has introduced, which has messed with the PvP balance - doesn't want everything handing to them on a plate, but doesn't want to spend their whole free time punching trees.

- max 3 man tribes, with no alliances
- 2 Week Grace for new tribes
- 10x Harvest, 50x XP, 60x Breeding and Raising, insta tame
- 1 imprint required after 12 minutes for 100% (all dinos)
- Max Levels: Player 105 (before Chibi and Ascension), Dino 180/216 Tek, Wyverns 228/270 Crystal
- Limited Tek (more details below)
- Boss fights needed to unlock enabled Tex engrams (artifacts are in drops, but you will need to get other tributes yourself)
- QOL stacking and stats, custom drops and spawns (see below)
- ORP with 6 hour delay (long period to stop people hiding behind ORP)
- 2x turret damage... soaker saddles go up to 350 armour (200 Rock Golems)
- 200 turret limit, ARB stacks to 200
- small number of easier crafting recipes (e.g. ARB requires less GP, so you can spend more time PVP-ing than cutting down trees)
- reduced fuel consumption, food drain for player ad tames
- 7 day player/dino/item upload times
- Increased structure auto decay speed


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