Where to place database.sql?


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Hey guys, first of all, awesome work on the development of these plugins! They really add the functionality ARK misses in some points.

I'm trying to set up a server cluster. I rent a dedicated server at GTXgaming, using the TCadmin interface. When I installed mysql I gained a pop up message saying:
  • If the plugin requires .sql file to be imported, you can create a mysql\ folder on the root of your server and place it there named database.sql
  • Any database.sql file inside mysql\ folder on your server will be imported if you also press the Wipe Database button.
So my question is where is the root of my server? And do I create only one database and I connect all other ArkShops to that or do I have to create a database for every map.

These are some real noob questions I know but I hope you guys can help me out.

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