[US] Nuke'm Ragnarok 20x/Instatame/InfWeight/InstaCraft/CustomDrops/Crossplay


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Discord link : https://discord.gg/qEaCgaUC

New Xbox Server Cluster!

[US] Nuke'm Ragnarok 20x/Instatame/InfWeight/InstaCraft/CustomDrops - Ragnarok Map
[US] Nuke'm Ark 20x/InstaTame/InfWeight/InstaCraft/CustomDrops - The Island Map
[US] Nuke'm Center 20x/Instatame/InfWeight/InstaCraft/CustomDrops - The Center Map
[US] Nuke'm Crystal 20x/Instatame/InfWeight/InstaCraft/CustomDrops - Crystal Isles Map
Genesis Map coming soon..

Newer server cluster.
Low player count atm so easy to settle in.
High level dino spawns.
Donation packs.
6man servers.
24/7 PvP Crossplay Cluster.
Owners and admins take good care of you, very fast response times.
Will take suggestions and make polls on anything about the server, anything i can do to make it more enjoyable will be done.
20x Servers but fair loot drops and such so that you can still grind some stuff out.
No Admin/Owner PvP.
You can ally up as well if you wish.
Starter kits in drops.
Stack mods, some will be higher soon.
Random give-a-ways including bps, gear, and dinos.
Boosted player stats and leveled dino stats.

Official Game Server Partner