The Ghost Division - PvP Cluster Wipe June 19!!!


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Since 2015 The Ghost Division team has set itself the task of offering the community the best possible gaming experience. To guarantee this we have set up a multinational team that is always working on refinement and player support. Regular hardware upgrades, selected mods and plugins as well as permanent process optimization for high-performance server operation. On top of this we offer extensive support for all problems in and around Ark.Our versatile and international community offers a perfect platform for every kind of ark player. We value a friendly and respectful relationship so everyone is able to enjoy their time on our servers according to their preferences. Ghost Division was launched to have fun together with friends and those who can become friends.

PvP Cluster +++ Wipe +++ New Season starts October 2nd at 6pm UTC +++ Wipe +++ PvP Cluster

We have a Main PvP Cluster and a beginner map for new players. Everyone will be automatically be banned 7 days after joining the Beginner Map and therefore be forced to play on the Main Cluster!

► Beginner Map ► Crystal Isles ► Ragnarok ► The Center ► Aberration ► Extinction ► Genesis

You will find all information on the new Season on our Website:
Server Settings:
★ H/XP/T x3 B x10
★ Custom stack sizes
★ 2 days a week without structure damage
★ Raid-free time: Tuesday 5PM UTC - Thursday 5PM UTC
★ Beginner Map: No raids
★ ORP: 1 area per map with ORP structure
★ Full ORP
★ 120 Base Levels + 30 Ascension Levels + 5 Chibi Levels = Max Player Level 155
★ Max dino lvl: 150 (180 Tek) wild + 125 XP level
★ Max turrets in range: 150
★ Tribe limit: 5
★ Alliance between two tribes allowed (one alliance per tribe, two tribes per alliance)
★ Voting Rewards
★ Item Stat Clamps enabled
★ Beginner Packs for quick start

★ Nominal Structures 2.0
★ TCs Auto Rewards
★ Dino Storage v2 (replacing CryoPods)
★ MAGA Orp
★ Remove CryoPods

★ Advanced Dino Color
★ Modified Spawn Level Distribution
★ TribeSlot Cooldown
★ PvP Scheduler
★ Tribe Log Relay

Connect Links:
★ PvP Beginnermap: steam://connect/
★ PvP Aberration: steam://connect/
★ PvP Center: steam://connect/
★ PvP Crystal Isles: steam://connect/
★ PvP Extinction: steam://connect/
★ PvP Genesis: steam://connect/
★ PvP Ragnarok: steam://connect/

PvE Cluster +++ Active Support +++ Market Place +++ PvE Cluster

►PvE Genesis 1 ►PvE Genesis 2 ►PvE The Island ►PvE The Center ►PvE Ragnarok ►PvE Valguero ►PvE Scorched Earth ►PvE Aberration ►PvE Extinction

What defines us:

★ All official content
★ Active admins for fast support
★ Eventmanager and regular events
★ A friendly and helpful community
★ Mods and Plugins are configured for an optimized balance
★ Very active marketplace
★ No Pay 2 Win content

Server Settings:
★ Rates: H/XP x3 T/B x10
★ 205 Player Levels + 45 Ascension Levels + 1 Extinction Level
★ 150 Wild Dino Level +100 Dino Levels with XP
★ Cluster wide Auction House
★ Voting Rewards

★ Auction House
★ Resource Stacks 2.0
★ Super Structures
★ Awesome Spyglass!
★ Platforms Plus
★ Dino Storage v2
★ TCs Auto Rewards
★ The Ghost Division - Rewards
★ Remove Cryopods
★ Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Remastered

★ Advanced Dino Color
★ Modified Spawn Level Distribution
★ AutoDecay

Connect Links:
★ PvE Extinction: steam://connect/
★ PvE The Island: steam://connect/
★ PvE The Center: steam://connect/
★ PvE Crystal Isles: steam://connect/
★ PvE Ragnarok: steam://connect/
★ PvE Aberration: steam://connect/
★ PvE Valguero: steam://connect/
★ PvE ScorchedEarth: steam://connect/
★ PvE Genesis 1: steam://connect/
★ PvE Genesis 2: steam://connect/
★ Event Server: steam://connect/

Important Links:
Discord: Join our Discord
Support: Ticketsystem

PvP Rules: PvP Rules
PvP Mods: Steam Mod Collection

PvE Rules: PvE Rules
PvE Mods: Steam Mod Collection
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