The Forgotten Realms Ark D&D PvPvE RP Server [Steam]


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[Steam PC] The Forgotten Realms Ark PvPvE D&D RP Server
Hey all, popping in here to plug something different. This a brand new 2x server that just started March 1st providing an experience as reminiscent of classic tabletop D&D as we can feasibly achieve for everybody. The players free to join and hang out with each-other as they please, go explore the dungeons and live in the world we've tailored to them by hand. What do I mean by that? I mean the world you live in is a reactive world where no progress is ever wiped, and the choices you make during events, or just in general--literally shape the world you live in. We have classic fantasy races, armor, quests, and even Dragons. Come see empires rise and fall, character stories flourish, and everybody contributing to the story that is to be the Forgotten Realms: Ark.
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