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The Fiber Factory
Xbox win10
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W I P E S 8/10/21

Join discord to keep upto date.

New changes (these are not the current stats)
6man 1 ally
300 max level wild dinos
100 dino levels
Boosted dino stats

120 Character with no food/water drain,boosted health,stam,weight,melee,speed,craft and fort

Starter griffs

100x harvest

Maps will be Rag1/Rag2/center/gen 1

Custom tek drops with bbs

Custom beavers with Arb

Custom Alpha dino drops Arb/bbs/tek weapons

Custom hard boss fights that drop tek armour,weapons,bbs and skins

Custom cave drops and deep ocean.

Bbs store
Donation store
Invite reward system
Weekly giveaways

We host events for you guys which include pvp,admin raid bases,jousting,catch the admin,hide and seek and raffles.

I will be adding privates next wipe !

Alot of big changes ahead so definitely worth joining us ready for the wipe and you can get to know the community alittle.Discord The Fiber Factory