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What I am looking for is something like the other kit plugins out there, but basically it is somehow tied to completing an objective.
For example, your looking for a lost box, once you find it, you have to bring it's contents somewhere and when you successful deliver it, you are rewarded.
At the moment the way my server does this, is the reward is basically the contents and there are multiple copies of the "contents" in the box so multiple members can do the objective before it has to be refilled (or in our case, recopy the map file to reset all the boxes, which also sadly resets character positions so people loss all the items they had on them).
What we would like is, whether the contents is still the reward or if there is a way to deliver the contents for the reward, is a way for multiple people to complete the "quest" or objective without worrying about someone coming along and taking everything in the box and getting multiple copies of the reward.
There are also some other things we are looking for as well. But this is the big one, so if someone knows of a plugin that does this, or if someone is willing to work with us to make something like this, as well as maybe some of the other smaller issues that we are looking for a solution for, that would be great.
Thank you in advance and I hope to hear back from some people.

P.S. I know there are some people out there that make plugins for money. Preferable we are looking for someone that truly cares about the project and the end goal but if there is someone that is willing to do the job and is looking for compensation I am sure we can work something out. But if this project sounds interesting to you, we can show you what we have done and a fresh perspective on how to solve some of these QOL issues for the players and the admin team, it would be greatly appreciated.
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