(Ps4)FightClub/cluster/center/island/orp/nowipe/PVP/20x/instatame/dropmod/stackmod/4 man


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Ark survival evolved ps4, 35x cluster

Island, center, scorched/some other map

- no foul language
- no building at ob or preventing ob usage
- meshing will not be tolerated, you will be banned
- no tolerance for racism
- 2 bases to a map
- caging is not in any way allowed
- no raiding active white flags or killing their tames at their base
- no mass breeding to make lag, if found out dinos will be wiped
- all insiders will be banned
- different server inviting is insta ban

Player stats

Health- 20 per level
Stamina - 50 per level
Oxygen - 50 per level
Food - infinite
Water - infinite
Weight - infinite
Melee - 5% per level
Speed - 5% per level
Fortitude - 10% per level
Crafting - 200% per level

Dino Stats

Health - 4x
Stamina - 15x
Oxygen - 1x
Food - 1x
Weight - infinite, and if isn't, add one point in weight Damage - 3.9x
Speed - 1x
Max level - 500/750 tamed

300 turret
448 weapon
1410 armor
Insta tame
100x stack, except certain things like ammo.
Modded drops and alpha dinos
Server vote channel
suggestions channel
Island, center, scorched/other map cluster
Orp after 1 hour
Increased turret damage during orp
Purge weekends(no orp with decreased turret damage
No Wipe
Discord has suggestions and vote channel

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