Primal 50x PVE | 25x PVE | 25x / 10x PVP



A bit about us:

24/7 Gaming was established in 2013, with the motto in which still standing 'Built by the players, for the players'.

We currently are running ARK servers on PVE and PVP, such as Primal 50x PVE, 25x PVE, 25x PVP and 10x PVP.
We are running dedicated servers with no lag, we have 3 free kits (farmer, builder and starter) in which each has 10 uses (this is cluster wide, meaning all servers are synced with their usage).
We have timed points for playing, in which you can purchase cool kits and Dinos, rewards those loyal players for their time.

All items, dinos and characters can be transferred between clusters.

Our Discord is prioritised for all communication (such as);

  • Admin Support
  • Changelogs
  • Weekend Event Announcements
  • Community Announcements (discord and server related)
  • Giveaways
All server information such as stats, mods, maps ect can be found on our website (

All other information such as events, news, announcements, wipes, rule updates, changelogs ect are posted in our community discord. Remember, don't be shy. We'd love to see some friendly new faces about.
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