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All the server settings/mods/summaries are listed below!
(Currently 9 Active Players (Not bad for a new server!).

Map: The Center
Modded, PvPvE, Challenging, New
IP:port :


Description: (Server Started: 9/8/2020)

Don't you wish Dinos were always scary and dangerous? Don't want things to take ages to do but don't want it to feel cheap and too easy? Enjoy PvP? (Maybe not, but you'll find plenty of allies here to watch your back!) Also enjoy PvE? Like modded content to expand upon vanilla game play? Want MORE dinos, MORE structures and MORE stuff in general? This is the server for you!

This server is designed to be challenging and competitive! (Casual players are definitely welcome though! Build a base and raise Tames to watch the big Tribes tear each other apart!)

Overall everything is sped up as to avoid excessive grinding so players can progress and grow at a satisfying and rewarding pace without scheduling their lives around this game. (Though there will still need to be significant investment on your part in order to survive and thrive!)


Summary of Game play changes by Mods:

Wild Babies and Eggs! (Steal/Tame them passively! Watch out for momma!)
Randomly Generated Rare Special Dinos! (Rainbow Otters, Ice Turtles, Invisible Trikes etc.)
Aberrant Variants of almost every Dino!
Dino species unique traits and skills are buffed!
Wild NPC Humans and Tribes!
Tame Anything and everything!
New ways to tame Dinos w/ Bait/Lure... And Being nice to them!
(Can still just beat them into submission)
Better Structure Building (And building pieces)
Better Dino Storage!
More Emotes (XD)
Reusable tools/items (No more building torches every 5 minutes!)
Actually useful spyglass! (If you don't use awesome spyglass you need to fix your life)
Crossbow Turrets for early/mid game base defense!
Upgrade all of your equipment w/o needing blueprints!
TONS of new stuff to build and decorate your base with!
TONS of primal-esque saddles to put on your dinos!


Server Settings Changes:

0.75x Player Water/Food Drain
2.0x Harvesting
3.0x XP
4.0x Taming
6.0x Maturation
2.0x Egg Incubation
Imprint Interval 15 Minutes
5x Imprint Amount (i.e. Small Tames <=45 mins to 100%, Mid <=2.5 hrs, Big <=~4.5 hrs)
0.5x Mating Interval (9-24 hrs)
16.666667x Dino Levels (500 max level)
2.0x Stack Sizes
2.0x Stamina, Oxygen and Weight Player Stat Ticks
2.0x Weight Dino Stat Ticks
0.34x Resource Respawn Distance from Player Structures
1.25x Dino Damage (Wild and Tamed)
0.75x Dino Resistence (Wild and Tamed, This increases Dino Resistance by 25%!)
Building Placement Collision disabled (No more pesky gaps in your walls!)

(I'm pretty sure there is more but I have to fix my change log, been real busy doing tweaking the server and kind of fell behind on keeping track of all the changes but these are all correct!)

(Settings are subject to change for re-balancing)


Mods List (22 Mods):

Kraken's Better Dinos
Shiny! Dinos
Additional Aberrant Dinos
NPC Humans
No Untameables
Immersive Taming
Super Structures (Structures Plus)
Dino Storage v2
Additional Emotes
Lethal's Resuables
Awesome Spyglass
Primitiv Turrets
Upgrade Station
Eco's RP Decor
Eco's Camping Decor
Eco's Garden Decor
Eco's In Wonderland
Eco's Aberration Decor
Eco's Trees
Eco's Primordial Decor
Eco's Primordial Saddles
Eco's Shoppe Decor
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