[PC server] Voyage RP!! an upcoming RP server on the new Crystal Isles map!


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My vision for Voyage RP is a multi race magical medieval fantasy server and it will be on the new crystal isles map when it releases June 4th.

Server rates:

XP - 5

Harvesting - 5

Taming - 10

Maturation - 10

Hatch speed - 25

Mating interval - 0.2 (time between mating is between 5-8 hours)

Current mod list (subject to change before launch): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2105622885

The server, its mods and rates have been tested and the server is ready to launch as soon as Crystal Isles officially releases!!

The current lore:

The land of Eretora was home to creatures and races of all kinds. There was a time when they all lived in harmony, a time of peace.. but as time grew, so did their greed. As each race evolved with knowledge and grew in technology, greed took over and each became ravenous for more territory and power. Wars raged between the races, lives were lost and lands laid to waste. During the last war, disaster struck.. an old and destructive spell was cast by a mage with the intentions of doing good. She had hastily read about a spell that supposedly ended all wars but little did she know that it meant wiping out all the entire population. A great inferno rose up in the west and wiped everything out in its path. The unquenchable fire rapidly grew in size as it engulfed everything across the land. Each race put aside their differences and downed their weapons in order to escape with their lives. Survivors made their way east where the land was yet to be touched by the angry barrage. Here they worked together to make a grand ship to escape and journey forth to find new land to call home.

The journey was harsh and perilous causing lives to be lost by the unknown sea. Rations were getting low and morale almost non-existent which led to tempers flaring up between the races on board. When all hope seemed lost and they thought they would perish on this boat in the distance, land was spotted. Finally docked at their new safe haven hope was restored to the hearts of the survivors. Now they face the task of navigating this uncharted land without the technology they had grown so accustomed to using and have to start from the beginning again. Who knows what they may run into..

I am advertising in advance to see how much interest there will be in a server like this.

Join the discord if you are interested: https://discord.gg/x5gentu