[PC server] Idora RP!! A large fantasy RP server


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Idora RP!

A brand new fantasy rp server that recently launched!

Idora is set on the beautiful Fjordur map and we have disabled the taming of flyers to give a much more unique experience.

We have a well written lore that really sets the stage for some amazing RP, check it out on our discord!

We cater to veteran and beginner RPers and we have a very friendly and helpful community if you have any questions!

Some plus points of our server are:

-We have an established main city with a marketplace, tavern, bank and so much more

-There's many races to choose from and with the cosplay mod you can look amazing!

- There are starter companions based on your race too

- We plan on holding plenty of events. Some story based and some just for fun.

- An in-depth and well written lore to keep players engaged

Small introduction to our lore:

The land of Idora is a beautiful, vast land, sky and sea. With each beautiful world though, is a darkness lurking below. The spirits of the land seem to have gone amiss, haywire if you will. Sickness and the raw smell of iron taint the land. Each day the land grows weaker, and the cursed spirits grow stronger. Life is hanging by a thread, and war is on the rise…

In the beginning, before life, before time, there were two fundamental forces. Order and Chaos. Chaos, a swirling formless force of magic and change, violent and turbulent with the potential for any and everything but too fluid to actually do so. And Order, the ultimate expression of it, a lifeless infinite nothingness. Void of disorder, void of anything that could become so. These two forces were in conflict, and in the thin overlap between them something new was born. From the infinite potential of Chaos, but given form and function by the presence of Order, worlds were born. Life. All the known planes of existence formed from this place. Our world is merely one of them.

As we know in the world of Idora now, life can’t exist without a bit of order and a bit of madness, it’s in everyone, everything, it’s in the air we breathe all the way to the soil we stick our boots into. If one part becomes too great, it can send everything into a swirling vortex. The balance isn’t there, causing more harm than the people/beings of Idora realise. Things started out small, and as time went on the life grew shorter of Idora, the people, animals and even plants began to fade away. Some races went into hiding, thinking the end of the world had come. Some spirits even stopped showing up or aiding in help where needed. The spirits of the land were mad at the races of Idora for letting life fall out of balance. Can life ever be the same in Idora? Will you, young traveller, be the one that saves life as we know it?

There is much more lore in our discord and in depth lore for each spirit and race!

Server Info:

XP - 3x

Maturation - 10x

Taming - 8x

Harvest - 3x

Slightly boosted character stats per level up

Modlist: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2543127118

Discord: https://discord.gg/P4hth8W9sy