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Snapped Wrist

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About us: Arktistic is a great server that has recently been brought back to life. One of the best Xbox Australian PVP ark servers providing excellent PVP for new and old players. With great admins and amazing players our server grew into a magnificent community. Since bringing my server back to life with a fresh wipe on Ragnarok and a cluster coming soon I would like to repopulate again.

Server stats
10x tame
10x gather
10x XP
50x Egg hatch speed
10x Maturation
1.5x Player and Dino stats
Infinite Weight
Increased Stacks
Auto learn Engrams
Boosted Drops and Loot
Cave building damage reduced to 1
Player Water and Food drain slowed
Max Wilds 150
Imprinting boosted
PC/XBOX Crossplay Enabled
6 Man Tribe

Discord and cluster in the works, looking for players new or experienced who want to become alpha, or simply are there to have fun. I'm an interactive admin and love chatting with some of you guys on the server. To join my nitrado PVP server, Search ARKTISTIC on Unofficial PC sessions to join. Or send Snapped Wrist a message on Xbox for invite.
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