New Xbox/Win10 ARK Server


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Hello All,
Look I am not going to try a persuade you to join my server because I am simply not any good at it.

With that said, I have a Xbox Game server that I would love if you joined. you can play it with any Microsoft device that has ark installed as I did enable cross-play for windows 10 and Xbox to play together.

Here is a few of the stats but not all:
Max 20 people Max wild dino up to 1200.
Increased starting player and level up stats.
Increased stack size
Taming x25
cuddle/imprint stats changed to make things easier on both accounts.
"Custom Beacon Drops"
And many more vanilla changes

You can find the server under:

Unhamsters Jurrassic World

Hope you can come join me and my friends.

Official Game Server Partner