New and Awesome 24/7 Ark Server Free and looking for more tribes to Join!


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Are you looking for a good ark server to chill and play with your friends and mabye even meet new ones... then this is the place. My ark server is open 24/7, has boosted rates and need people like you to make the PVP and settings of the server become great! My server is not meant to be a super serious one, we have fun but also want to put work into our bases and dinos, and want to have fun in some balls to the wall PVP. I am not looking for tribe memeber right now but am looking for people to come in and populate the server and to make tribes of your own. I am not a strict admin and as long as you dont target newcomers and make them not be able to play your good. If you want to join, take the discord invite and lose hundreds of hours into our server. <----discord link!!




Taming:100x (almost instant but may take a couple of minutes depending on the dino)

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Egg hatching takes around 3 minutes, Breeding takes around 5-10, and maturing takes around 20-30 minutes.

Other than that its 100% normal, now join if you would like and become apart of the group, I am also a streamer and stream ark and R6 alot so check me out if your unsure about it still< CEORhinosaur on twitch!

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