Joan of Ark 3-Map Unofficial PC/XBOX/PlayStation Dedi Cluster {5x} {InstaT} {CustomDrops} {6 Man}


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Joan of Ark Discord Cluster | JWGpuhFdwe

Joan of Ark is a upcoming cluster made for players who enjoy the process of grinding, but to a degree. We have implemented Custom Drops to benefit both new players starting out, and veteran players looking to hunt down some materials, ammo, artifacts, or even currency for the in game shops included in every map on the Joan of Ark Cluster. You also wont have to worry about long dino downtimes, as the server Tame Speed is set to instant! We also have an discord with all the active members with integrated tribe chats, along with over a dozen integrated bots for whatever information you could need. Come take at the discord and see if its something you'd enjoy!
Boss Rewards

Broodmother Rewards - Gamma - 100 Element Beta - 280 Element Alpha - 750 Element
Megapithecus Rewards Gamma - 200 Element Beta - 550 Element Alpha - 1100 Element
Dragon Rewards Gamma - 400 Element Beta - 1100 Element Alpha - 2200 Element
All bosses reward the next bosses artifacts upon defeat. For example after defeated Beta Broodmother, you will be rewarded with the Alpha Broodmother artifacts. Upon the Alpha Broodmothers defeat you will be rewarded the Gamma Megapithecus artifacts.
Starter Kit In Drops! All information in Discord |


Health: [ 20 ] Stamina: [ 20 ] Oxygen: [ 60 ] Food: [ 20 ] Water: [ 20 ] Weight: [ 1,000,000 ] Melee: [ 12.5% ] Speed: [ 3.0 ] Crafting: [ 50% ] Fortitude: [ 20 ]


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