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I really hope you don't mind me mentioning this, but I was wondering if you might be aware of just how horribly bad the performance is on your site?

I've been needing to use the site a lot lately in the process of attempting to learn all about your wonderful API.

The one very frustrating aspect of this has been difficult it is just to navigate the site due to the poor performance. I thought it may have just been me, but I took the liberty of submitting the site to a web page tester to see the results.

On average, the site tester found page loading times of 20 seconds or more. My own testing showed 30 seconds was common. By comparison, most sites I run professional would consider anything over 5 seconds to be a huge fail, and 2 seconds is a commonly achieved figure.

These are your test results here.

And here are some results you might look at as comparison from a very low-end server which we use for hosting one of the user forum platforms for one of our newest clusters.

As you can see, your site has a loading time of 19.7 seconds for the front page, while the comparison site is just 2.7 seconds.

As I said the comparison results are from a very low-end server which costs about USD$5/month that has had virtually no performance tuning at all.

I'm wondering if maybe I could help you out to improve things for your site? Perhaps we could sponsor a better hosting solution for you somewhere? At the very least I think you ought to speak with your existing host because the performance of your current site strongly suggests something is broken somewhere at the moment.

As I said before, I hope you don't mind me pointing this out. I mean no disrespect to you in doing so. I'd just like to help if I can.

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