[EU/ES] ArkVicio - Cluster PvP x10 | Kits, Arkshop & Market - Wiped 04/18


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ArkVicio PvP

- Cluster PvP x10.

- Kits, Arkshop & Market.

- Wiped on 04/18/2020.
Server info:
· Max player level: 100 + 5 Chibi + 45 Ascension

· Max wild dino level: 150 (Tek 180, Egg 190)

· Dino level points after tame: 74

· Flyers enabled on all maps, including Genesis & Aberration.

Server rules.

It is required to read the server rules.

1. The use of offensive language and/or spam is totally forbidden. Not only in-game but also on discord.

2. It is forbidden to build on artifact caves and/or too close to them. This also applies to obelisks and spawn areas.

3. It is forbidden to use any kind of bug, glitch or exploit to take advantage, including undermesh. If we find someone is using them either to raid or avoid being raided, the appropiate sanction will be applied, reaching even permanent bans depending on the severity of the bug.

4. It is allowed to attack and kill passive dinosaurs.

5. It is forbidden to leave dinosaurs in the market without their owner being there, any dinosaur that we see without their owner will be either confiscated or killed without notice. This also applies to purchased dinosaurs.

6. It is forbidden to leave your character in the market when you're disconnected. If we find you sleeping in the market we will take everything you have on you and ban you of the market for one day.

7. We do not take responsibility of game bugs.

8. It isn't clear if building under the city on extinction is a bug or the bug is being able to attack the structures through, so whoever builds there can do at its own risks.

9. Ignorance of the rules does not imply exemption from guilt. The fact that some rules aren't here doesn't mean that you can do what you want. If you think something shouldn't be done, don't do it or at least ask before doing it.
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Mods included on our servers:

Mods included on the market server:


Discord server: https://discord.gg/NskVBGg

Ark-servers.net server group: https://ark-servers.net/group/529/

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