Crimson Ark Cluster Server With Mods/Shop/Newdinos


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Crimson Ark Cluster Server With Mods/Shop/Newdinos
Crimson Ark #1 Ragnarok 5xp 10x harvest player level 250 ClusterShop
CrimsonArk #2 Genesis 5xp 10x harvest player level 250 ClusterShop
CrimsonArk #3 Extinction 5xp 10x harvest player level 250 ClusterShop

More servers to be added in the comming Weeks

||| New players Will recieve 2.000 ingame points to spend|||
Update: Ragnarok Wth Aberation Cave Along With Aberation/Extinction and Genesis Dinos

β„ΉServer Informationβ„Ή
We Are Small Community
We Have Friendly Admins And A Discord Group, We Hope You Can Check Out Our Servers To See You Ingame. Loads of New Dinos & Npcs

πŸ“Š Server rates πŸ“Š
β†’ Experience x5
β†’ Taming x5
β†’ Farming x10
β†’ Breeding x5
β†’ Egg Hatch x5
β†’ Fishing & Drops x1.75
β†’ Cave Damage Vanilla
β†’ Crops speed x10
β†’ Stacks x50 with 90% Weight reduction[/QUOTE]
β†’ Autosave (Every 15 Minutes)

βš™ Server settings βš™
β†’Official Difficulty 5.00
β†’Harvest Health Multiplier 1.2
πŸ‘₯ Tribe/Alliance settings πŸ‘₯

β†’ Max players on a tribe: 5
β†’ Max players on an alliance: 12
β†’ Tribe joining cooldown: 0h
β†’ Alliance joining cooldown: 0h

🏒 Structure settings 🏒

β†’ Max structures in range: 6000
β†’ Max turrets in range: 100 Turret damage x3
πŸ‘€πŸ¦… Player/Dino settings πŸ‘€πŸ¦…

β†’ Max player level: 200
β†’ Max wild dino level: 120
β†’ Max wild tek dino level: 120
β†’ Dino level points after tame: 75
β†’ Max tamed dinos: 300
β†’ Platform Max Structure Multiplier x3 (This was adjusted as no turrets are allowed on dino platforms)[/QUOTE]

πŸ—Ί Cluster Maps πŸ—Ί
β†’ Ragnarok
β†’ Genesis
β†’ Extinction
More to be added

πŸ”Œ Plugins πŸ”Œ
β†’ Arkshop (Vip Packages Available with extra points and kits/items) Store is always being updated daily
β†’ Lootboxes
β†’ New player Protection


β†’ Stargate Evolution
β†’ Pyria: Mythos Evolved
β†’ Pyria: The Second Chapter
β†’ Water Bore Kit
β†’ Editable Server UI
β†’ HG Multi Storage Box
β†’ Structures Plus (S+)
β†’ Simple Spawners
β†’ Awesome SpyGlass!
β†’ SDK Taming Pack
β†’ Ragnarok Plus (Only on Rag Server)
β†’ Awesome SpyGlass!
β†’ Forbidden Planet 50k Stack, 90% Weight Reduction Stacking Mod
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