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Our PVE cluster contains 9 MAPS and is mildly boosted for those who appreciate developing their virtual survival skills,
and who cherish the strategic gameplay Ark's developers envisioned players to enjoy.
Our decay timers are generously extended to provide a better quality of life experience.
We have assembled and thoroughly tested a wide variety of MODS, which will make your game more enjoyable.
We do not sell dinos in our webshop, in order to give players a unique opportunity to tame, breed and sell their own dinos in the player auction shop.
Finally!!! Players dinos are now valuable and you are in charge of driving the economy.

Visit our website for more detailed information, including additional Maps, Mods list, Settings, Discord and Welcome Kit.

MOD List, be sure to subscribe, download and install all MODs before joining:

Our shop in-game delivery is fully automated.
How does it work:​
  1. Place an order anytime you want in-game with F5 button, or on website.​
  2. Next time you login into the game, you will be notified of your order status.​
  3. Pick up your order from any obelisk, transmitter or supply drop by downloading the contents from the Ark Data tab.​
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